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(Govt. of TamilNadu Registration No. 571/2007)

"Annathbavanthi Budhani Burjanyath Anna Sambava"
In the world everyone wants Happiness; for that happiness somany ways are their. Not only single religion; all the religions are talk about "Annathanam" means free meals to the devotees. Annathanam not only give happiness to the single, it gives happiness to their generations also.

          Happiness lives Annathanam doing family including all the wealth. Particularly money will flourish spontaneously. Thirupati, Srisailam, Thiruvannamalai, Dharmasthala, Udupi, Kokarnam and individuals are example for that.

          If anyone suffers; because of their "Karma". Karma means result of their actions. It may be good are bad. No one will stop their actions. If knowingly or unknowingly we do the bad things it will give plan. No one will escape from the karma. So what is the solution? It is "ANNATHANAM". Ancient Hindu word tells. If you born Thiruvarur, think about Thiruvannamalai workship at Chidambaram and death happens at Kasi it leads to God place (Mukthi).

          Olden days every day our elders did Annathanam for the devotees of Lord Nataraja. Due to unavidable circumstance it is totally reduced.

          By the wish of Goddesses Sivagamasundari and Lord Nataraja. "The THIRUCHITRAMBALAM ANNATHANA ARAKATTALAI" Government Registered Trust giving meals for the devotees daily. The trust expects donations by the way of money or materials from you. This is a Golden opportunity for you". Kindly HELP US TO DO ANNATHANAM AT CHIDAMBARAM.